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Welcome to Travellodge Greenland

Lars Anker - Møller
B 578
3913 Tasiilaq

Phone: 00299 584171

We look foreward to hearing from you!

Equipment for Rent

We have high quality equipment that you can rent both for short trips and larger expeditions.

We have both expedition tents and larger basecamp tents.

Expedition tents:
· The Northface V25 DKK 200 per day.

Basecamp tents:
· Mamout Lair 15 people. (minimum 3 days) DKK 500 per day.
· One week DKK 2500.

Camping equipment:
· Sleeping pad Thermorest luxur DKK 50 per day.
· Summer sleeping bag DKK 50 per day.
· MSR burner w/pots DKK 50 per day.
· Whitegas/heptan 1 litre DKK 50.

Satelite phone:
· Iridium with extra battery DKK 100 per day.

· Rifle/pump gun DKK 100 per day.
· Bear spray.

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