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Snow Shoe Trip to the Polar Sea

We meet at the office, where each participant receives snow shoes and sticks. When all have had the snow shoes and sticks adjusted, we walk to the starting point behind the hotel.

The guide leads the way and makes a track for the guests. We walk up and down the mountains on one side we have the water lake, which supplies the town with water, on the other side we have the high mountains. After some time we will arrive at the top of a mountain, where we will have the polar sea in front of us. The pack ice runs to the shore in an endless white blanket as far as the eye can see.

The guide have brought binoculars so we can see, if polarbears are on the ice. It happens that they venture ashore and into the town. Therefore the guide has brought a rifle, if we happen to meet a bear.
At the topwe enjoy the tea, coffee and lunch that we have brought.
We return the same way that we came.
The trip takes 3 hours.

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