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Trout Fishing

In July and August the trouts come down from the lakes and into the fjords to eat after a long winter in the lakes.
You sail into small lagoons and jump ashore and sit and study the surface of the water. A small wave on the surface is indication of fish not just one, but often whole schools of between 10 and 100 trouts. It is a fantastic sight to see all these fish pass by in a calm almost sleepy pace.
A light throw in front of the fish result in three to four fish following. The water is completely clear, so you can follow the show all the way in front of your feet, where the fish turn around back to its friends.

The result is often different, when the fish takes the bait. Then the wheel gives noise, when the fish takes its first run trying to break free, but after about 5 minuts it has to give in and can be calmly brought on shore. At the coast the trout at silvery, but in the lakes they are almost fluorescently orange.
Eastern Greeland has so many lakes that there are still lakes that have never seen a fishing rod. Many of the lakes are seldomly visited, so if you would like to catch a truely wild fish, this is the place.

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