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The Arctic Jewel

Beautiful 8 days trip, where you will come closer to the Eastgreenlandic culture than on any other trip. It is for people, who are in good shape and would like a challenging trip under safe conditions.

Day 1
You arrive at Kulusuk airport and board a helicopter the last distance over Ammassalik fjord to the main town of Tasiilaq, which is the largest town in Eastern Greenland with around 2000 citizens.

You will be logded in a house, where you stay two and two in each room.

There is a kitchen, bathroom and a living room. The house has all facilities for cooking and laundery etc. The rest of the day you are free to walk around the town.

Day 2
At 9 am we meet and start preparing the dogs and sledges. The trip goes over the Kong Oscars fjord and up to the large lake, Qordlortoq, here we will have a short break to garther the sledges. The next stop is Kaffebaren, here we will eat some of the food we brought.

Thje next part of the trip will take us above 500 metre, where we can enjoy the view of the Sermilik ice fjord from the top.

The trip down goes through the beautiful path of a stream, which leads us all the way down to a small hut at the edge of the ice fjord (Qatoo), where we sleep in the hut.

Day 3
We take a day of from sledging. The day is free to do, what you want. For instance to just enjoy the quiet and the fantastic view of the ice fjord and the ice sheet or we can take a trip with snow shoes up to the nearby fells to have the perfect view of the ice fjord and the ice sheet in the horizon.

If we have a clear night sky in the evening, we can enjoy the dance of the Northern Light across the sky.

Day 4
After breakfast we pack the sledges and drive back the same way to Kaffebaren, here we turn towards Tiniteqilaq. In front of us lies hard work up over the fells and down the steep sides. We drive across the Tinit glacier with a beautiful to the Ice Sheet and the settlement of Tiniteqilaq and stop a couple of times on the way.

We stay the night in a house in the settlement. The houses in the settlement has the basics. There is opportunity to have a bath in the locale service house.

In the evening we have supper with a local family.

Day 5
We start out from Tiniteqilaq, where we drive towards the valley Kugarmit, in this 10 km long valley, we drive past large glaciers and across lakes to find our way down a very steep slope at the end of the valley to get down on the fjord at Imaila.

The next distance is driven on the fjord towards the closed settlement of Qernertivartivit just before which is a hut inwhich we stay the night. If we arrive in good time, we will find our fishing rods and fish for Greenlandic Halibut and Redfish.

Day 6
The trip takes us back to Tasiilaq, we drive up across a hight of 700 metres on a glacier, a hard trip for dogs and men, but after 5-6 hours we are back in Tasiilaq again.

You will be lodged in houses with two people in each room. In the evening there is a large supper for all participants.

Day 7
This day is for visiting the sights that the largest town in Eastern Greenland offers.

Dag 8
We say our farewells and you depart for Kulusuk with the helicopter and fly onwards to Iceland.

What is included:
Transport to and from the heliport in Tasiilaq.
The rent of the house in Tasiilaq and Tiniteqilaq as well as the hut in Ukiverajik and Qernertivartivit.
The rent of sledge and driver for the trip.
Supper with a local family in Tiniteqilaq and supper on the day of return.
Food for the whole trip that is breakfast, dinner and supper.

What is not included:
Plain and helicopter to and from Greenland.
Insurrance (Important for cover if the trip is cut short due to bad weather).

Minimum 2 people.

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