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This is a very special trip, where you will have the chance of catching Halibut - Catfish - Redfish and Greenlandic Shark.

Day 1
You arrive at Kulusuk airport where you will be met by one of our guides. After you have changed into warmer clothes, you will get on the dogsledge which will take you on a 4 hour trip to the edge of the ice, here we will load the dogs, the sledge and clients onto the boat and sail for about 1 hour to Kuummiut. Kuummiut is the biggest settlement in East Greenland with 370 inhabitants.
They are mainly living of what they hunt and fish. You will be sleeping in a house with 2-4 persons in each room. There are no running water and bath in the house, so you have to go to the service house to shower. This is not uncommon for settlements in Greenland. The water can be fetched at the small green tap house in cans. When all are settle in, we will go to the local supermarket, and buy the food you want for breakfast and lunch. Dinner is served every evening at a local Inuit family.

Day 2-6
We go fishing every day from 9 am, after breakfast, to 5 pm. The local supermarket is open from 9 am, so it is possible to buy something extra for the day. How we get to the fishing spot is depending on the ice conditions, either we walk, take the dogsledge or go by boat.

Day 7
we are going back to Kulusuk by boat and sledge. In Kulusuk you will stay the night at Hotel Kulusuk.

Day 8
You fly to Iceland.

Facts about the fishing. The rood need to be 20-30 lbs and with a two gear well with about 5-600 m line. We are fishing on 400-500 m, weight 500-1000 gr. The normal tackle is with two hooks and bait. For shark fishing you need to have the heavy gear 50-70 lbs rood and 800 m line, the tackle you need to bring is a 9 m wire. Contact us for more information. The sharks are tagged and put back in the water after a picture is take.

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