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Lars Anker - Møller
B 578
3913 Tasiilaq

Phone: 00299 584171

We look foreward to hearing from you!

Learn Dogsledging or Rent a Team of Dogs

This product is possibly for you, who have just participated in one of our trips and feel like trying yourself. We do not use much time on theory as you learn best by trying.

We meet by the dogs. You learn how to harness the dogs. You learn, which commands the dogs react on.

I tell a little about sledges, harnesses and the whip. Then we are ready to hitch the six dogs to the sledge. You can be two to three people per sledge. I help you out of the town down to the fjord. I will always be near to help, if problems should arise. Contact us for more information.

Travellodge Greenland

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