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Our Dogs: Top Athletes with lots of Personality

Our dogs are original Greenlandic sledge dogs (which are commonly referred to as: The Greenlandic Dog). This breed is considered to be the best puller of the mushing world. The breed evolved with the East Greenlandic culture which employed them as draft animals.

These dogs love to pull. In fact, the pulling instinct is so strong that they need training regularly. We start to harness our young dogs when they are about 8 months of age. We team them up along with a seasoned veteran and within minutes they dig their feet in and their line goes taught as that intense pulling instinct clicks on like a light. Their pulling career extends 10-12 years.

At Travellodge Greenland we have about 40 Greenlandic Dogs, which comprise the largest kennel of this breed in East Greenland. We are often asked; 'How do you tell your dogs apart?' That is easy! Each dog has such a distinct personality. Our guests are always surprised over the distinctiveness and uniqueness of each dog.

As we say here at Travellodge Greenland; 'Working with a team of 10 dogs is like working with a team of 10 people.' Each has his/her own needs and abilities. They will work together and get the job done. That is what mushing is all about! You will basically become the coach of a team of top athletes. And they truly are athletes. A Greenlandic dog will pull at least twice its own weight in payload at a pace of 5-6 mph for hours at a time.

Their thick double coats and tough demeanor allow them to thrive in extreme conditions. In fact, the colder it is, the harder they pull. They are accustomed to eating snow for moisture and when night comes, they curl into a ball, wrap their tails over their noses, settle into the snow and sleep soundly. Come daybreak, they all pop up with the slightest hint around camp that sledges are being loaded and anxiously paw the air seeking to be the first to be harnessed.

Our guests are continuously amazed at how hard these dogs work and how much they love it.

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