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Greenlandic Adventure

Day 1
Arriving in Kulusuk you are picked up at the airport and walk 20 min down to the boat. The transfer takes about 1 hour. We will arrive in Tasiilaq, the main town of the Eastcoast of Greenland. You will stay in a house with bedrooms, shared kitchen-living room and shower, very nice standard. We will then go to the shop to buy food for breakfast and lunch, you can choose what you would like. Dinner will be served every evening through the whole trip.
Rest of the day is free to have a look arround.

Day 2
Pick up at the harbor in Tasiilaq at 9 am. We set off towards the Ammassalik fjord where you, depending on the time of the year, may see whales and icebergs along the way. The first stop will be the Ikateq base. Depending on the tide we will go ashore at Ikateq at this point or we will do it on the way back. At the Ikateq base you can see many old trucks and the old, yet intact, runway. These are the remains from the American presences in Greenland from 1942 to 1948. After the stop in Ikateq, we continue, by boat, up to the Knud Rasmussen Glacier, where we go ashore and enjoy a nice lunch. There will be time to wander around in the area.
We will be back at the harbor in Tasiilaq at approximately 5 pm.

Day 3
We meet at habour at 9 am. The trip goes to Ammassalik fjord with a stop at the deserted settelment Qernertorvetit. We will take some pictures from the boat. We continue the trip though the very long fjord Ikasartivaq, just at the edge of the the Sermerlik Icefjord. We will visit the settelment Tinit, where about 125 people lives, mainly of hunting. After one and a half hour we go for lunch. Just 10 minuts away from the settelment, right by an old winter settelment (old earth huts) with a view of big icebergs and these historic earth huts, we will have lunch. When finished, we will go cruiseing down through the Icefjord, passing big icebergs all the way out to the open Atlantic. We will go around the island back to Tasiilaq. We will keep an eye out for whales, they are sometimes spotted.
We will be back in Tasiilaq at 5 pm.

Day 4
We will meet at the habour at 9 am. We will go by boat in the direction of the Sermerlik Icefjord, our first stop is at the desert settelment Ikateq. Here we will visit the old church and school, which still look like they did, when they where in use. After our visit we will continiue up the icefjord to the Johan Pedersen fjord. We go all the way up to the Harn glacier, which is connected to the icecap. We go on land to enjoy a fantastic view of the glacier. Here we will have lunch, there will be time to walk arround. After two hours we will go back to Tasiilaq. On the way back we will be on the lookout for seals and whales.
We are back at 5 pm.

Day 5
This day we will have a walk in the Flower Valley and a look around the town and there will be arranged drum dancing.

Day 6
This day we will go to Kuummiut the biggest settelment in Eastgreenland. After 2 hours in the settelment we go to the unknown glacier. If we are there by lowtide, we will have big icecubes on land, quiet a sight. We will have lunch here. On our way back we are sailing down the Ammssalik fjord, we will be on the lookout for whales.
We will arrive back in Tasiilaq 5 pm.

Day 7
Transfer back to Kulusuk airport.

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