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Deepsea Fishing in Eastern Greenland

In the Ammassalik region we have many deep fjords. This means that when lodging in Kuummiut you have great fishing optortunities within only an hour of sailing.

In 2008 we had a visit by a group of professional deepsea anglers, who wanted to see, what the potential in the Kuummiut region was.

We would try to catch Atlantic wolffish and Greenlandic halibut, both are abundant, but had never been caught with a fishing rod.

On longline Atlantic wolffish of up to 50 kg and Greenlandic halibut of about 14 kg have been caught, both world records if they had been caught by fishing rod.

The result of three days of fishing was 12 Atlantic wolffish, of which the largest was 14 kg and as something special we caught a world record in Greenlandic halibut of 4.5 kg. The old record was 2.5 kg. A record that should be possible to beat again in the near future.

Se suggestions for the stay below:

Day 1
We meet in the airport and I will be your host for the next week.

From the airport to the boat there is about 1 km, where we will have help bringing the luggage.

When all are onboard we sail towards Kuummiut about 30 km to the north. On the way depending on the season we might spot humpback whale that normally garther in large numbers in the fjord.

Well arrived in the settlement and when all have be brought to their lodging, you can wall down to the coast a try some trout fishing as they come all the way to the coast.

Day 2
We pack the boat with the equipment for deepsea fishing and go to the places, where we can normally find Atlantic wolffish at a depth of 40-200 m.

Day 3
Same as the day before.

Day 4
This day we could possibly sail to Sermilik fjord, which is the second largest in Greenland. Here we can see icebergs the size of skyscrapers and visit the settlement Tiniteqilaq, which lies at the edge of the fjord.

Day 5
We pack the boat to go to the Knud Rasmussen glacier. In this place the depth is about 300-400 m. It was here we set a world record in 2008 with a Greenlandic halibut of 4.5 kg according to the list of Igfa.

Day 6
Same as the day before.

Day 7
Depending on your wishes we can fish another day by the glacier or we can hike up to one of the many trout lakes.

Day 8
We sail to Kulusuk airport to catch to plain to Reykjavik. You will land in Reykjavik at about 5 pm.

The boat is a Poca Gr 600 med en 175 hk suzuki build in 2008 approved for 12 passagers or a viknes 770, build in 2009 approved for 8 people.

You will be lodge with two people in each house.

There is internet access in one of the houses, which can be freely used for reading the news and e-mail.

All house in the settlement have composting toilets.

Bathing and washing of clothes is done in the local service house, which can be found in all settlements in Eastern Greenland.

In most houses in the settlements there is no running water, so it is normal to have a large water container for cooking in the house.

Mobile phones work in all towns and settlements, but not on the fjords or in the fells.

We have insurance, when you are on our boats.

We have bait for the angling and different weights from 350 g to 1000 g, normally the angling is done with two hooks.

You cannot withdraw larger amounts, but only DKK 1000 in the shop, so if you fish to bring home somewthing big, you need to bring cash.

Before you order the trip:
The above programme can change depending on the weather and like everywhere else we cannot guarantee fish, but the chances are good.

What is included:
· Lodging.

· Full pension.

· Rent of boats.

· Bait.

Whether you wish to cook yourselves or want full pension can be agreed upon.

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