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City Walk

The walk starts at the Travellodge office. We will start of by visiting Skunken just next to the office. It is a workshop for all the local artists in Tasiilaq. You can observe how the fine local art is being made.
We then walk to the post office and further on to the harbor. We will pass the old church on the way, which was build in 1903. Next to the church there is an old earthen hut, which shows how people lived in the past.
We continue on the road by the fjord to the hospital and on to the school and municipal office. We will then be at the center of the town. It is also here we have some of the oldest buildings from 1903 to 1925. The guide will tell about, what function they had before and what they are today.

The trip ends at the tourist office 'Skæven', where you can buy a souvenir or just have a look around.

Duration 2-3 hours.

Travellodge Greenland

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