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Settelement Vacation in Kuummiut

You have a unique opportunity to live with and experience the daily life of a hunter, you will join him in his daily routines and go sailing with him, if you wish to.

Do not expect luxury, but the traveling experience of your life, which only few get to have.

The host family, which stands ready to give you an experience, is Boas and Karen, who were both born and bred in Kuummiut.

Karen is an excellent cook, so you will have the opportunity to taste Greenlandic specialties.

Boas and Karen speak Greenlandic, Danish and a few words of English, but have some help from their grandchildren, who learn English at school.

They have a guestroom with mattresses, which will be your bedroom during the days, you choose to stay with the family.

Short Settlement Vacation:

Boas will pick you up in Kulusuk airport and sail you to Kuummiut. In Kuummiut there will be supper and a small walk around the settlement.

Sailing, fishing or hunting.

Daytrip to Karale and Knud Rasmussen glacier situated north of Kuummiut.

Breakfast and return to Kulusuk.

The weather decides completely, what is possible during your visit.

Short Settlement Vacation includes:
Transportation Kulusuk - Kummiut return.
Full pension.
Sailing trips.

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